Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Self Portrait

What is the difference between a well-dressed girl and a girl who has her own style?
For me this difference concludes in the dresses they wear. The girl who has her own style takes risks and does not afraid to wear something unusual, she chooses clothing which demonstrates her character and view of life and lets her feel confident.
I think that a Self Portrait dress can give you this feeling. Incredible, beautiful, fashionable they make you feel like you are a queen.
In my opinion the style of these dresses is similar to the Three Floor dresses.

Due to its incredible silhouettes and materials these dresses exalt their owners at others. When you buy the Self Portrait dress you can be sure that no one has a dress like yours.

As for me, I relate myself to type of girls who has her own style. I do like unusual dresses that is why I fell in love with this blue dress.  Though the dress looks like an apron, this is exactly the zest of this dress. And here is my interpretation of the way this dress should be weared.
What do you think about this?))

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Any bad intentions?

Do you believe that a good song can change your mood and change you perception of the world? I believe firmly that music you like can change everything. So you can wake up in a bad mood with inappetency to live or move on. Music changes everything, it help us keep going no matter what. 
I`m a big fan of deep house music. So today I`ve found a great in my humble opinion song which made me going for a walk to enjoy this amazing life. This is the Matt Dimona`s remix for Niykee Heaton`s "Bad intentions" song. Hope you, guys, would like it so I did.

Does anyone have any bad intentions for tonight?))

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Taken back

Seems like a year has gone from my last post in the blog. Many things happened since then and I even cannot explain how I feel now or what do I want to reach in my life. I had already visited two different cities this year. In march I left to Sochi in order to see 30 seconds to mars show and in april I went to a business trip to Moscow. I`ll try to tell you about my experience next time.
Since I came back home I worked hard with no time to relax, or maybe didn't want to relax... I didn't know whether to blog or not.
Now I feel I wanna share my lifestyle with you again. Show you something than I find incredible in my opinion or just share my emotions.
I would like to begin with something positive happened recently. A few days ago I went to my cousin`s wedding party. And as any girl I couldn't decide what to wear. I have no idea why but I made a decision to buy a long evening dress this time.
To be honest I used to think that long evening dresses are made for tv-stars in order to shine on the red carpet. Don`t know why but I changed my mind. When I entered a store I had already known what I`m looking for. I made a choice to wear the long black dress with embelishments and train. And this is how I looked like.

 Wearing something like this always makes you feel confident. It`s like the world is yours and you`re the one who rules this world. Surprisingly, but the dress you like can change your world and gift you good mood.
I felt great in this dress and, finally, was glad that I came back home...

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Happiness is not far ...

Well, my blog should be named as "Current weather" or smth like "The weather forecast". I know that I got used to complain on weather. But life always depend on weather. And when you`re standing in traffic jams for hours just because it`s raining it strongly annoys. And as for Russia, we`re having 5 winter months, and when the weather is fine it feels like you`re the happiest person in the world just because you can go for a walk and enjoy your life. Isn`t it the secret of happiness?
As for The North Caucasus, many people know that it is famous for its golden autumns. And if one day you decide to visit these places it will be the love at a first sight.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Life has never been better


Have you ever fallen in love? Not with a person or a thing... Have you ever fallen in love with your job? Recently I had a possibility to work in the other company. I thought I would like this job because they offered me better salary, but I didn`t. Sometimes money isn`t everything. People often don`t appreciate what they have. And only when you lose smth you understand how happy you were. So I came back to my old job and fell in love with it. I have an incredible colleagues who always ready to help each other, we`re like a one big family. We don`t work like other companies from 9 to 6 o`clock. We just do our job and go home whenever we need, like yesterday. I came back from work early and went for a walk. And, you know, life has never been better)))

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Feel it in the air

Do you feel it in the air?
Days become longer nights shorter, clothing is lighter, brighter...
The best part of the year. That`s the moment when we can do everything... change our lifestyle or the place we live, spend sleepless nights anywhere, fall in love, build future plans, or just leave everything and go far away...
Summer`s coming...
And everything changes in a moment...

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Back in the USSR

Got jet-lagged from the last trip to Istanbul, which was adorable and  made me happiest ever. I`d seen so many interesting places such as Blue Mosque, Topkapi, Hagia Sophia and Yerebatan Sarnici. Got impressed with this city. So much contrasts... And have you ever seen any city in all over the world where boats used to get from the one part of the city to other? People, places, food - all of this make this city`s lifestyle unrepeatable. I just fall in love with Istanbul again...
However, a picture paints a thousand words...