Friday, 21 February 2014

Home, sweet home!

Good morning, guys! This day was supposed to be very productive, but, as always, the weather prevented my plans. Well, in general, I decided to stay home today. Looking through the photos taken a couple days ago, it`s hard to believe that it`s so cold outside. Well, we`re in Russia!
Anyway, I prepared you a couple of cool songs, which may cheer you up. Enjoy))

Monday, 17 February 2014


Bessini jacket
River Island skirt
Asos top

Seems to be like it was 10 years ago, when we could walk around the street without super heavy coat, hat and scarf with ugg boots. Like 10 years ago Russia is still cold country so when the weather is going to be better it's kind of great feast. On this pictures I'm wearing black skirt with black top and vine cardigan. Maybe it looks a little bit sullenly but I think it looks officially at the same time. And what do you think?))