Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Taken back

Seems like a year has gone from my last post in the blog. Many things happened since then and I even cannot explain how I feel now or what do I want to reach in my life. I had already visited two different cities this year. In march I left to Sochi in order to see 30 seconds to mars show and in april I went to a business trip to Moscow. I`ll try to tell you about my experience next time.
Since I came back home I worked hard with no time to relax, or maybe didn't want to relax... I didn't know whether to blog or not.
Now I feel I wanna share my lifestyle with you again. Show you something than I find incredible in my opinion or just share my emotions.
I would like to begin with something positive happened recently. A few days ago I went to my cousin`s wedding party. And as any girl I couldn't decide what to wear. I have no idea why but I made a decision to buy a long evening dress this time.
To be honest I used to think that long evening dresses are made for tv-stars in order to shine on the red carpet. Don`t know why but I changed my mind. When I entered a store I had already known what I`m looking for. I made a choice to wear the long black dress with embelishments and train. And this is how I looked like.

 Wearing something like this always makes you feel confident. It`s like the world is yours and you`re the one who rules this world. Surprisingly, but the dress you like can change your world and gift you good mood.
I felt great in this dress and, finally, was glad that I came back home...